Dark Spots: The Most Obvious, Awful Sign Of Aging… So Let’s Stop Them Where They Start

If your skin regenerates every 5 weeks… then why do age spots linger on your face?

I know how embarrassing they are… I’ve dealt with them myself.

When you see them in the mirror, you can’t help but think…

“Gosh, that thing is ugly.”

(at least, that was my thought!)

And for the gals around our office, dark age spots are like a scarlet letter…

a big, unmistakable mark of shame.

We work in beauty, after all… 

But the truth is…

Dark Age Spots Are Extremely Common… And They’re NOT Your Fault!

They affect millions of people… 

Yet they’re much more common in women…1

And how unfair is this:

One study showed that age spots make women look more than 11 years older than their actual age.

You could be gorgeous, youthful and wrinkle free…

…and still get looked at like a “gross old lady,” as one of my patients said a young child called her.

Now please understand - I’m not judging…

I’m no spring chicken anymore… you may not be either…

…so if you’re dealing with age spots, I know how you feel.

And while you could spend thousands of dollars on lasers, microdermabrasion or cryotherapy, I have another suggestion:

Let Me Help You Diminish Your Age Spots From Home… For Just Pennies A Day!

Del Mar Labs has developed an extremely effective new treatment…

It gets right to the root cause of the problem…

You can trade those age spots for an even, radiant, ageless complexion…

And based on the results of my other patients, you could start seeing a difference in just two weeks from today!

It’s all thanks to a breakthrough from our lab team…

An incredibly potent new technology, with a name you can’t forget…

Remember these words: “cluster buster.”

They’re the key to truly erasing the appearance of those age spots.

So are you ready to take up to 11 years off your appearance???

If so, you’re welcome to scroll on down, and order this new product before we sell out…

Or, if you’re like me, and you like to be completely informed, then…

Let Me Tell You Where These Pesky Age Spots Come From

It’s my duty to share my twenty years of medical knowledge with you…

I’ll keep it extremely simple:

It all starts with sun exposure!

You see, when your skin gets hit with UV rays from the sun, it produces a little chemical called melanin.

Melanin is the chemical that makes your skin darker…

It’s what gives you that beautiful, bronze tan

And here’s what’s most people don’t know:

Your tan acts like a “shield” against the sun!

I’m sure you’ve noticed this effect…

If you already have a deep, dark tan, you can spend a longer time in the sun without getting burnt to a crisp!


That’s thanks to melanin.

And it’s all well and good when we’re young. But unfortunately…

Over Time, Our Melanin Begins To “Cluster”

…and these clusters of melanin are what you and I know as “age spots.”

So this begs the question: why, oh why… does our melanin cluster into age spots?!

Well my friend - it’s simply because we’re getting older :-(

Our skin cells get damaged with the passing of years and decades

Everything from dermal collapse, to collagen decay, to UV exposure…

And sometimes, those damaged skin cells cause little “pockets” to form…

Pockets where your melanin collects as a “dark spot” cluster.

So really, when you see an age spot, it’s your skin shouting to you… “help, I’ve been wounded here!”

It’s something to take seriously… 

It could be a sign of further damage to come, so…

This Is Where You Could Get A Laser, Or Dermabrasion Treatment

That would help “break up” some of the skin - and the melanin clusters with it.

But these procedures are painful, expensive… and they can actually damage skin tissue.

In fact, they could make you more likely to get future age spots.

Despite that - and the many cautions we give to patients - our partner clinic is booked months in advance for these sorts of skin resurfacing treatments!

We live in California, after all… and age spots are an extremely common problem.

So we wanted to see if our chemists could create an acceptable “at home” treatment…

…and I’m so excited to share this with you.

They went far beyond acceptable…

This new “age spot fix” is so good, it’s unbeatable…

It lives up to everything that you’ve come to expect from Del Mar Labs:

The quality, the potency, and yes… the value

I’m so excited to introduce…

The Del Mar Laboratories Total Dark Spot Remover

This is it! 

If you’re ready to say goodbye to those unsightly age splotches… 

On your face, your hands, your forearms… wherever you’ve got them…

This is the formula you need!

It’s the only Dark Spot formula in the world with our proprietary “cluster buster” technology…

Just apply a few little pumps to any affected areas…

Spread the smooth, luxurious cream around the surface of your skin…

And then enjoy, as the cluster buster technology goes to work.

It’s truly magical when you see the age spots getting visibly lighter… 

And then all of a sudden one day, they’re GONE!

Everyone’s results will vary, but we’re seeing some dramatic changes from our patients…

So let me tell you exactly how our Total Dark Spot Remover works. It starts with…

Cluster Buster Component 1: Licorice Extract

Yes, the same licorice that you and I used to love (or hate!) as kids…

If only we knew back then, that we’d be applying it to our skin now… how crazy is that?!

You see, licorice extract has a very special gift when it comes to skin brightening:

It helps shut down the production of l-tyrosine.3

This little enzyme is the precursor to melanin production.

So when you shut down l-tyrosine, your skin simply stops producing as much melanin.

As you can imagine, this is a crucial part of reducing the appearance of your dark spots.

It gets right to the root cause: 

It “turns down the tap” on your melanin production, so it can’t overflow into your age spot clusters…

…and that means a lighter, more even complexion in the weeks and months ahead!

Not only that, but licorice extract has also been shown to reduce the damage caused by UV rays...4

…and while it’s no substitute for a good sunscreen, it does mean that your skin could be less “triggered” to produce more melanin.

Finally, licorice extract contains liquiritin, an active compound that helps to disperse and remove existing melanin in the skin… 5

actively sloughing away the extra melanin in those clusters, for an even faster result!

On its own, this ingredient showed truly impressive results in the lab.

But it’s only the first piece of the puzzle, and that leads me to:

Cluster Buster Component 2: Trans-Resveratrol

Surely you’ve heard that red wine is good for you, yes?

I can tell you this: it’s not because of the alcohol…

It’s because of a tiny little supermolecule called resveratrol.

You’ll find heaps of resveratrol in the skin of red grapes…

…it’s part of a family of plant compounds called flavonoids.

You see, in 1936, Pulitzer Prize winner Albert Szent-Georgi had two shocking realizations:

1 - flavonoids help protect their host plants from harsh environmental stressors… like the wind and sun

2 - some flavonoids could extend these same benefits to humans!

As it so happens, trans-resveratrol is simply incredible for your skin.

One study showed that a 2% emulsion led to improved elasticity and density… while decreasing roughness and redness. 6


Well, resveratrol is a potent anti-senolytic.

That means it can increase cellular turnover: the rate at which dead cells, become new cells.

That’s crucial when we’re busting up clusters of melanin… and the damaged skin where it deposits.

And as it relates to your age spots, trans-resveratrol has also been shown to inhibit l-tyrosine…

shutting off this tap on your melanin production.7

We included it in our formula for extra potent melanin inhibition.

And with that problem solved, we turned our attention to the next challenge:

Excavating those clusters of dead skin.

We had a few choices here, but one option stood head and shoulders above everything else…

Cluster Buster Component 3: Azelaic Acid

Remember… your dark spot clusters form where your skin is weak and damaged.

So it’s extremely important that we help smooth out its appearance…

…and fix the dry, damaged conditions which allowed the clusters to form in the first place!

And for that, we turned to azelaic acid.

It’s a gentle exfoliator, and it’s even been shown to help soothe and calm the skin, after dark spots have been diminished.8

In a landmark study with 329 female patients, Azelaic acid proved to be extremely effective at lightening the skin complexion…9

Every time you apply it, it’s like dropping a little “cleanup crew” into your clusters.

And that leads me to the next ingredient:

Cluster Buster Compound 4: Hyaluronic Acid

This ultra-moisturizing agent is in a lot of our topicals, and with good reason:

Every little particle of hyaluronic acid can absorb up to 1000 times its own weight in water!

So it can add a tremendous amount of plump, dewey moisture to your skin… 

Now you might ask: how important is this when it comes to age spots?

And the answer is: a whole lot!

Recall that clusters of melanin form where your skin is weak and damaged.

So as we think about healthy, strong skin, we have to be thinking about moisture.

Moisture helps support your extracellular matrix - the layer of proteins and fats that keeps your skin strong, tight and firm.

And without it?

Well, I’m sure you know just how crepey and crackly your skin gets when it’s dry!

That’s why hyaluronic acid is an essential part of our cluster buster technology, and it leads me to the final ingredient…

Cluster Buster Compound 5: Vitamin C

And specifically: tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate.

I know that’s a mouthful - but here’s the key point:

It’s an extremely stable form of Vitamin C.

That’s important when it’s something that’s being applied to your face.

Sure, there are other “vitamin C” products out there… but they often use a cheap, unstable preparation…

Yet this ingredient is so crucial for the health and appearance of your skin…

Especially if you’re trying to smooth and repair your complexion

…so we had to go with the more expensive, effective preparation.

It rapidly increases collagen synthesis…

It helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles…

It lightens age spots…

And it even helps to reverse sun damage!10

It’s what your skin needs when it’s “coming back” from dealing with dark spots.

So I’m sure you can see…

This Is Exactly What You Need To Be Done With Dark Age Spots!

Our cluster buster technology attacks age spots from every angle…

And what does that mean for you?

Brighter, younger-looking skin…

A beautiful, smooth complexion…

And yes… the confidence of looking like “yourself” again”.

The sad fact is this:

Age Spots Are Even More Obvious Than Wrinkles, Fine Lines, And Dryness

They stand out… and not in a good way…

Drawing the eye to them like a target on a bullseye.

Yet thanks to the cluster buster technology in our Total Dark Spot Remover, you can enjoy the smooth, clear complexion you used to have…

Looking up to 11 years younger…

Feeling like yourself again - that gorgeous, radiant, healthy woman who loves what she sees in the mirror…

And after a few months, when the effects are really starting to show, that’s when the compliments will really begin!

Maybe it’ll be like what happened for my patient Marilynn…

Her Friends Had A Made A Bet: Was Marilynn’s New Look From Cryo… Laser… or Dermabrasion?

They were all wrong…

And they were all stunned to learn that her fresh, clean new look didn’t cost a fortune…’

Didn’t require any painful procedures…

And took only a few seconds a day, after her shower.

Yes - that’s just how quick it is!

Just apply a few pumps of our Total Dark Spot Remover, once or twice a day… 

Ideally, right after you’ve washed your skin.

It’s a perfect “first layer,” to really get down into your skin and bust up those clusters of age spots.

You’ll definitely want to spread it around - remember, we want to spread that melanin like butter on toast… 

…and also, we want to make sure that we prevent new clusters from forming and ruining your look!

Use our Total Dark Spot Remover on your face, your hands, your arms… anywhere you want to reduce the appearance of your dark spots!

You Could Expect Changes In Just Two Short Weeks

And the longer you use it, the better it gets!

Best of all, you won’t have to pay thousands of dollars for these results.

Right now, I’d like to help you take control of the most obvious sign of aging…

I’d love to be the one who helps you take up to eleven years off of your appearance…

It’d be my privilege to help you be seen for you you are, once again:




The realities of aging are harsh, we both know that…

And that’s why age spot treatments and products can be so expensive.

But true to our founding, we’re here to bring you luxury skincare for less.

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That’s my strong suggestion.

It took decades for these age spot clusters to form…

So please, give yourself at least 2-3 months to gently, lovingly smooth them away!

For the best result, I’d encourage a twice a day application, everywhere you see age spots or discoloration, for 2-3 months.

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You’re about to see a remarkable change in your complexion… and your liveliness!

This is quite possibly the best way to unlock your youth, all over again.

And it’ll only get better with time…

Because the cluster-buster technology in our Total Dark Spot Remover ensures that your dark spots go away… and stay away.

Is This The Fastest, Easiest Way To Get Rid Of Your Dark Spots?

As a cosmetic surgeon, I’ve heard patients complain for years about how old their dark spots make them look.

And I’ve seen the horror stories of $2,000+ procedures gone wrong.

Patients suffering from red, splotchy, irritated skin for months…

Only to have more dark spots resurface after all their money and trouble.

Chemical peels causing permanent skin damage that’ll never go away…

Believe me, just throwing money at dark spots doesn’t remove them. 

You need a targeted, holistic approach, to fix the problem at its root cause…

And that’s exactly what our chemists designed our Dark Spot Remover to do.

All it takes is thirty seconds to gently spread two pumps of Dark Spot Remover around your spots, and you’re done.

The breakthrough cluster buster technology in Dark Spot Remover immediately goes to work to transform your appearance and make you look younger.

So You Don’t Need To Hide With Makeup…

How much time do you spend hiding your dark spots right now?

Now imagine having it all back… truly for yourself

That’s how life could be… just a few weeks after you start using our Total Dark Spot Remover.

That’s what happens when you no longer have anything to hide.

You get your appearance back… and your time, too.

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Just please make sure to share photos, so we can enjoy and celebrate together :)

Yours very truly,

Dr. Paul Chasan

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P.S. our Total Dark Spot Remover is the only product with our custom-formulated “cluster buster” technology…

…to diminish the root cause of age spots: melanin clusters, in weak, damaged skin.

So it doesn’t just make your dark spots look lighter…

It truly helps rejuvenate the state of your skin!

That’s why I prefer it to expensive procedures and makeup!

Just take thirty seconds, and a few pumps rubbed gently around your spots…

And you’ll see yourself reducing dark spots and looking younger in the mirror. 

Try it for yourself today, before our stock runs out!

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